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Charly Calder's Faux Fur was featured in a few editions of Allure Magazine, international newspapers, and was worn by celebrities in popular TV shows like Jessica Parker in "Sex In The City" and Kid Rock in a VH1 concert.


rose-tibayan.jpgFabulous Faux Fur by By Rose Tibayan

For my 16th birthday, I received a fur coat. My Mom bought the beautiful white pelt jacket for me after I pestered and begged her for more than a month. Read more, requireds Adobe PDF


Below is a slide show of some of the media coverage:

台灣: 時代雜誌 台灣: 時代雜誌 電影: 慾望城市 Sex and the City 紐約日報 Canada : Women of Vancouver 中國:珠海日報 不知名國家\不知名作者 紐約日報 World Wrestling Entertanment Inc. 台灣: 時代雜誌 電影: 迷失東京 - 女主角 VH1 - Kid Rock

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